The book: On an adventure in Aarhus Bay

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On an adventure in Aarhus Bay is a collection of stories, recipes and pictures that help to illustrate the authors' great love for Aarhus Bay. 

I have chosen one to have a portrayed Mogens Jørgensen, who has been a winter swimmer and a member of Aarhus' winter swimming club Jomborg "Den Permenente" lake bathing establishment in Aarhus Bay.

He of course has the cloak STONE and the bath towel in use in the picture in the book.

Where the bath towel has just been developed from the interviews I have had with winter bathers, they said: make a bath towel with different sides so we know which side is facing down when we sit in the sauna. There is someone who does not sit on a towel ...

A nice varied book in stories and professional pictures!