About VinterBaderen

"For long I have been looking for quality products that can absorb quickly and keep me warm, before, between and after I take a winter bath. After researching the market, I had to admit that none of the existing products could meet these criteria. So with the need arose the idea for the Winter Swimmer. " - Dorthe Kirchner , founder and CEO of VinterBaderen

Who is Vinterbaderen?

The winter swimmer was established in 2019 and is based on the values; comfort, functionality and Nordic design. The small collection consists of exclusive sustainable products, designed for both indoor and outdoor use all year round. The attention to detail is meticulous, just as quality, sustainability and the usability of the products are given priority.

It is our wish that all our products should support the enormous sense of well-being that bathing in nature provides all year round. It may sound a bit chrome-plated, but basically we have created some products that are as we would like them to be.

From VinterBaderen to the winter bather

VinterBaderen's products are sustainable products, specially made so that you can resume and keep warm before, between and after bathing. The idea is to enhance the unique feeling of well-being that it gives to bathe and be one with nature.

With VinterBaderen's products, you get the package for your personal wellness. The atmosphere is saunagus, yoga retreat, well-being for body and soul. To wrap oneself in a warm, soft and absorbent cloth after a cold dip and feel the heat and energy released.

VinterBaderen's products are not just a quality product, they are free space, quality of life and self-pampering for you!

See you in the blue waves

Sustainable packaging:

At VinterBaderen, it is important to be sustainable right down to the bone. That is why we use: Re-Zip packaging and is a part of Miljøvenlig Pakning.