Sustainable bathtowels

VinterBaderen's sustainable bath towels are suitable for all kinds of bathing or training. Take the towels with you whether you are going to the spa, winter baths or to yoga.

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Bath towels for bathing all year round

Here are the towels you have always dreamed of. The bath towels are made of soft dense cotton and consist of two sides; one in terry and the other in hammam. The sustainable terry and hammam sides on the towels make it easy to tell the difference between what is up and down. It is especially necessary to be able to see the difference on the sides if the towel is used for the sauna, where you want to know what is up and down.

Quality bathtowels

The bath towels are easy to carry and do not fill the bag. Wrap yourself in the beautiful natural clothes and experience the quality that dries the body quickly after a bath or a hard workout. The sustainable towels are suitable for various purposes and can therefore be used all year round. The towels are made of pure cotton and are available in four different ones. The colors are inspired by Denmark's beautiful colors in and by the water. A good tip is to have two beach towels with you. That way, you are sure to always have a completely clean towel available. Take a look at our beach towels in different colors and find out which color is right for you.