Winter bathrobes

VinterBaderen's unique selection of quality bathrobes perfect for winter bathing. Whether you are dedicated to winter baths, for home comforts or just need to get out of your work clothes, our sustainable bathrobes are just the thing for you.

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Wear your winter bathrobe all year round

At VinterBaderen, we bathe all year round, which is why our sustainable bathrobes are designed for bathing and everyday fun for both indoor and outdoor use. Our winter bathrobes are wind and water resistant and keep you warm and dry. The length of the bathrobes makes it easy to move around without difficulty. Do you take the bike when you go from A to B? Then you can easily keep the bathrobe on, as the legs are free, so you can easily cycle. The weaves and the choice of cotton work well together and make sure that the coat stays in place when you move around. The sustainable bathrobes are of good quality, which makes the coats durable and robust. Use the bathrobe for winter bathing all year round, in the cottage or at home in front of the stove.

Bathrobes for men and women

VinterBaderen offers unisex bathrobes with inspiration from nature and Nordic design. Both bathrobes are elegant and minimalist, so you are guaranteed a practical and smart attire for both weekdays and weekends. With a bathrobe from VinterBaderen hanging in the wardrobe, you are guaranteed a nice soft coat for all purposes. The warm coats are for both women and men who want a coat of sustainable cotton in good quality. VinterBaderen's women's and men's bathrobes can be used all year round. Let the comfortable soft cotton embrace you when you step out of the bath or when you come home after a long day. The bathrobes are especially good for winter bathing, as they help to keep the body warm and dry both before and after a dip. Bring your winter bathing equipment in our bag with adjustable handle. Do you need equipment for winter swimming? VinterBaderen makes both warm slippers and soft gloves for winter swimming. Take a look at our online universe and let yourself be inspired for your next trip in the water.

Sustainable bathrobe for winter bathing

Our bathrobes are made of tightly woven sustainable cotton, so you quickly get dry and warm after a dip.

The bathrobe 'Havet' consists of three layers. The outer layer is hammam-woven cotton, which makes the coat wind and water-repellent. The middle layer is made of quilt, which keeps the heat. The inner layer consists of terry-woven cotton that absorbs the water to keep the body dry. After a walk in the water, the body must be dried quickly and get warm, therefore the bathrobe is essential for winter bathing. For the extra cool days, it is possible to make a mitt extension of the sleeves. Fold the sleeves over the hands and pull the mittens over the fingers. That way you keep your hands nice and warm both before and after winter bathing. The coat has a full hood that connects the head and neck region, so the wind is kept out and the heat inside. The pockets in the bathrobe are spacious, so there is room for a mobile phone, purse, keys etc. That way, you can easily have the most important things with you when you use the bathrobe both outdoors and indoors. The bathrobe is characterized by the quilted harlequin pattern and is available in the color blue with inspiration from the sea.

The bathrobe 'Stenen' is made of thick and tightly woven sustainable cotton. The warm and pure cotton feels soft against the body after a walk in the water, or when you enjoy your morning coffee on the terrace. The bathrobe is jacquard woven from extra heavy yarn, which makes the bathrobe wind and water resistant. The deep and spacious pockets are nice to warm your hands in, but can also be used to store keys, purse and mobile phone. The depth of the pockets as well as the weaving ensures that your things do not slip out. You are therefore free to move around without having to worry about your valuables in your pockets. The soft and powerful bathrobe can be used all year round both for outdoor use or indoors in front of the fireplace. The bathrobe is characterized by the securely weave that creates a play so that the bathrobe hits both the man and the woman.